Leucanthemum Realflor
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 • Fanfare Blaze
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 • Fanfare Regal

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 • Sunset Cutie
 • Sunset Flash
 • Sunset Snappy

 Collection 4
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 • Sunset Mexican
 • Sunset Popsy
 • Sunset Sunrise

Leucanthemum Realflor Collection

The “Real” collection of Leucanthemums highlights distinctly different varieties with unique flowers. All have a sturdy, upright habit that needs no staking, and all are well branched, producing a great canopy of blossoms. These varieties are very floriferous with improved disease resistance. All bloom early-mid-summer and then repeating in fall. These are robust drought and wind resistant perennials once established. This superb Shasta Daisy variety is well-behaved with a tight clumping habit. Blooms are excellent for long lasting cut flowers.

Real Dream: Three layers of broad green-lemon petals, ageing to white with contrasting deep golden centers, carried on very strong stems.
Real Galaxy: Many layers of fine fringed petals pure white in color with contrasting deep golden centers carried on very strong stems.  Blooms become fuller with age.
Real Glory: Reflexing anemone flower form, opening flat and reflaxing over a 7-10 day period. Blooms ageing well, carried on very strong stems.
Real Neat: Double rows of quirky pure white fluted blooms with contrasting bright golden yellow centers carried on very strong stems. The petals have a feather like look and texture.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:
• Zone 5.  (-20°F or -28°C).
• Tight clumping habit.
• Drought-resistant.

Patent Status:
Leucanthemum 'Real Dream' (PPAF)
Leucanthemum 'Real Galaxy' (US Patent #23,873)
Leucanthemum 'Real Glory' (PPAF)
Leucanthemum 'Real Neat' (PPAF)


Leucanthemum Real Dream
Leucanthemum 'Real Dream'

Leucanthemum Real Galaxy
Leucanthemum 'Real Galaxy'

Leucanthemum Real Glory
Leucanthemum 'Real Glory'

Leucanthemum Real Neat
Leucanthemum 'Real Neat'

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