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 • Celebration

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 (Fanfare Collection)
 • Fanfare
 • Fanfare Blaze
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 • Fanfare Regal

 Collection 3
 (Sunset Compact)
 • Sunset Cutie
 • Sunset Flash
 • Sunset Snappy

 Collection 4
 (Sunset Medium)
 • Sunset Mexican
 • Sunset Popsy
 • Sunset Sunrise

The partnership of Richard Read and Keith Lintott formed Realflor™ in 2007 to specialize in creating an intensive breeding program to introduce new varieties in character and color of a selected range of herbaceous perennial plants for the world market. Realflor nursery is situated near Chichester in Southern England and benefits from some of the best climate conditions in the U.K.

Richard Read helped develop one of the largest U.K. chrysanthemum cuttings production companies in the Canary Islands for export to Europe. He managed a very successful retail garden center operation in the U.K. for over 25 years, where he bred Gaillardia Fanfare, one of the most successful gaillardias sold on the world market. Keith Lintott has spent over 40 years in horticulture specializing in plant health, selection, and breeding. For over 30 years he worked for one of the largest chrysanthemum companies in Europe.

The combination of Keith’s breeding experience and Richards’s retail and selection expertise bring outstanding unique varieties to the marketplace